CannaCareers: A Collective Partnership Helping to Educate, Employ, and Promote Diversity and Inclusivity in the Cannabis Industry

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A new initiative called CannaCareers recently launched and is a collective partnership with NYC-based 501c3 Women of Color in Cannabis, Quality Control Analytics, THC Staffing, and Joint Venture & Co.

Formed in early 2020, CannaCareers was created by a collective partnership with the Brookyln, New York-based 501c3 nonprofit Women of Color in Cannabis (WOCC), Quality Control Analytics, THC Staffing Group, and Joint Venture & Co. The CannaCareers program is comprised of a skill-building Webinar Series, Office Hours, and a vetted Job Board.

WOCC wanted to establish a place with professional development resources for individuals who may be unemployed, experiencing reduced hours at work, or others who wanted to use their free time to learn more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This program features a network of resources for people interested in embarking into the cannabis industry but who might be lost on where to begin. The organization resources were vetted and tested to ensure safe environments for black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) folx inquiring about ways to engage in the cannabis industry. CannaCareers also provides those already involved in the industry to use the program as a means to leverage themselves and move up in the field.

“Our CannaCareers program is a one-stop-shop for the cannabis inquisitive at any part in their career journey,” said Shaloma "LoW” Wagstaffe, WOCC cofounder. “This program was crafted with both the novice and professional in mind, and enriched opportunities for the BIPOC and gender-fluid communities. Our Module Sessions provide a deep dive suitable with a low to moderate level of understanding in cannabis whereas our Office Hours program allows for beginners to work on their resumes and ask basic questions. More experienced folx can use these 1:1 Office Hour sessions to ask detailed questions or fine-tune a resume for an opportunity they had in mind. Our CannaCareers program also includes our vetted Job Board that promotes safe work environments for all.”

The program will feature live monthly modules that take an in-depth look at a skill or role in the cannabis industry to teach attendees everything they need to know about entering into the part of the industry being discussed. Each module will be led by a subject matter expert.


“CannaCareers was an important initiative for WOCC to create because education should not be yet another barrier for POC to enter the industry,” said Wagstaffe. “We wanted to provide FREE resources so they were accessible by marginalized communities. We understood that if we wanted to change the data of the cannabis industry and create a diverse and equitable market, that it starts with employment and representation at the highest level in cannabis companies. To do so people need to be educated and hired; we decided to create these job preparedness resources to do just that. And as all good leaders know, you get farther together. To ensure this program was successful and provided actual resources that could support program attendees we knew we needed to partner with other organizations doing the work to get the job done. We decided to work with these trusted, female-owned and operated businesses to create an initiative that provides resources that are safe, tested, and vetted to support BIPOC and gender-fluid folx in cannabis.”

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About WOCC

Women of Color in Cannabis is a registered 501c3 nonprofit based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founders, Shaloma "LoW" Wagstaffe and Patricia Wright, came together in 2018 to establish Women of Color in Cannabis (WOCC, pronounced WOKE!). WOCC connects women of color and allies in the cannabis community to dismantle industry apartheid. WOCC’s mission is to ensure the burgeoning cannabis industry is friendly to women and BIPOC folx as consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. WOCC's goal is to promote women of color and BIPOC folx into leadership positions at the highest levels in cannabis. Become a member today by visiting their website. Donations are welcomed. Contact: for any questions you may have.