Cannabis Safety & Quality Launches New Retail Standard for Dispensaries

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Accredited cannabis certification organization launches new standard focused on retail safety.

In a recent announcement, Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ), an accredited cannabis certification program, introduced a new safety standard built to safeguard licensed dispensaries in any legal cannabis market. The new CSQ Cannabis Retail Standard (1) reportedlyoutlines the criteria for a cannabis dispensary to meet the basic safety requirements of applicable regulatory agencies and the public. The standard also evaluates the competence of a site’s overall cannabis safety management system and the system’s ability to control and mitigate safety risks in a retail environment.

“We are taking the average cGRP (Current Good Retail Practices) audit and including unique criteria for cannabis retailers to remain compliant,” said Matt Regusci, CSQ’s Technical Director. “There’s an emphasis on security precautions and processes for disposal of expired products that other retailers of food or consumer goods don’t need to worry about.”


The 20-page Cannabis Retail Standard document offers people an introduction and several detailed modules for people to follow. According to the company, CSQ standards were created by a team of food safety experts to improve the overall safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-infused products available at licensed dispensaries. They also offer four other CSQ standards that meet International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements and regulatory requirements from seed to sale. Other standards include:

  • Manufacturing and Infusion of Cannabis into Food & Beverage Products
  • Growing and Cultivation of Cannabis Plants
  • Manufacturing and Extraction of Cannabis
  • Manufacturing of Cannabis Dietary Supplements

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