Cannabis Research Coalition Founded to Benefit Growers and Advance Research

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Recently The Hemp Mine, LLC announced their joint collaboration with Clemson University, to create the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC).

The Hemp Mine, LLC recently announced their joint collaboration with Clemson University (Clemson, SC), to create the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC), a not-for-profit organization focusing on cannabis horticultural research (1). According to the announcement (1), the CRC is a professional group that is dedicated to cannabis research. Allison Justice, PhD, Founder and CEO of The Hemp Mine has partnered with Dr. Jim Faust’s Flowering Physiology Laboratory at Clemson University to help address cultivation and post-harvest issues in the cannabis industry.

The mission of CRC is to partner with cannabis-industry stakeholders to expand the exploration of the cannabis plant and put into action science-based research to formulate techniques that are needed to create a sustainable, efficient, and profitable industry.


“We are at an unprecedented time in the history of plant science where we have an incredibly valuable plant for which there is almost zero scientific research. The opportunities to improve production methods with solid data are vast. It is truly a unique and exciting time to be a horticultural scientist,” Jim Faust, PhD, Clemson University Flowering Physiology Laboratory said in the press release (1,2).

The CRC reportedly offers the following member benefits (2):

  • Members prioritize and provide direction to the production and post-harvest research projects undertaken by the CRC based on industry needs.
  • Members meet virtually with The Hemp Mine & Clemson University teams monthly for research updates and discussions.
  • Members gather at an annual conference for in-depth discussions of research results and to set priorities and goals for the next year.
  • Members receive standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production and postharvest methods.
  • Allied trade members (vendors to the cannabis industry) provide members with exclusive offers.

The CRC hosted its first virtual meeting on January 7, 2022 where they reportedly discussed memberships and provided a sneak peak of projects already underway. To join the mailing list or ask questions, please contact