Cannabis Certificate of Analysis (COA): Understanding It and Why It’s Critical

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This on-demand webcast is perfect for cannabis consumers, retailers, and producers that may interact with COA’s but need some clarity about what information is included, and how to interact with that data. Join us to learn more about the structure and function of cannabis product COAs.

This on-demand webcast dives into cannabis Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and why understanding them is critical to your health. What are COAs, what information can you obtain from a COA, and how do you read a COA? The discussion will use examples of COAs to walk the audience through important things to consider when accessing the COA of a cannabis product that they obtain, including:

  • What aspects of a COA are important indicators for product safety?
  • What data can help differentiate higher quality products from lower quality products?
  • What do the different tests mean?
  • How do COAs vary from state to state or from provider to provider?

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Carl Christianson, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer
True Labs for Cannabis LLC

Carl is the CSO for True Labs in NJ. He leads the scientific and technological operations, while ensuring True Lab’s commitment to quality and the cannabis industry. He is focused on providing the highest quality data to customers in the most efficient way possible, and is excited to work for an operation focused on integrity, ethical behavior, and scientific rigor. Carl earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Boston College, where his research focused on natural products derived from bacteria. He completed his postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Germany, where he focused on the biochemistry of carbohydrates. Prior to joining True Labs, Carl started and ran a cannabis testing and processing facility in Vermont.

Sarah Ahrens
Founder + CEO
True Labs for Cannabis LLC

Sarah Ahrens is CEO of True Labs for Cannabis, among the first laboratories in New Jersey fully dedicated to cannabis testing. True Labs is the first certified woman-owned cannabis analytical laboratory on the East Coast. Sarah entered the cannabis space out of a passion for eating healthy, buying organic, and knowing what's in the products she buys for her family. Uniting a successful business background and a lifelong love of science, Sarah leads a scientific team with more than 24 years of cannabis testing experience. She also serves as chair of the laboratory testing committee for the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), advocating for best practices and safety in the Garden State's emerging cannabis industry.