BYND Cannasoft Adopts Innovative Approach to Address Surging Demand for Medical Cannabis in Israel Amidst Crisis

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BYND Cannasoft's CRM platform plans to assist the growing demand medical cannabis industry in Israel amidst recent healthcare challenges, focusing on innovative data collection and analysis while addressing a surge in patients seeking treatment for post-trauma.

Recently, BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (BYND Cannasoft), an Israeli-based integrated software and cannabis company (1), disclosed that the establishment has a new plan of work which will target using its CRM platform to meet the growing interest for medical cannabis in Israel. The Israeli Ministry of Health has approved regulatory reforms to allow physicians to prescribe cannabis to their patients, this will be offered as a first-line treatment instead of a last resort (1). The country has witnessed the amount of licensed medical cannabis patients grow significantly, despite recent events such as the start of the war in Gaza. From this recent event, Israel has experienced an increase of more than 2,000 new patients in one month. Such a significant increase hasn’t been seen since 2021. Israel now has approximately 132,000 medical cannabis patients as of November 2023 (1). BYND Cannasoft’s CRM platform allows for small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their day-to-day operations. For example, workforce management, asset management, sales management, and contact center operations.

Through using CRM’s platform, they plan to increase data collection and analysis through innovative elements in the field of artificial intelligence (1).


According to a recent press release (1), “The Israeli medical community is experiencing a tremendous increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for post-trauma, marking a significant shift from the previous decline in this category.”

"Israel is a small country, and although we continue to take a business-as-usual approach, every one of us is directly impacted, either personally or through our family and loved ones. BYND Cannasoft supports and stands with all of the Israelis affected by this tragedy. In Israel, the cannabis and pharmaceuticals industries are part of the critical infrastructure sector, and I am very proud of how the team is coming together to work through this horrific situation," said Yftah Ben Yaackov, CEO and Director of BYND Cannasoft (1). "While we continue to develop our EZ-G device for the recreational market, and potentially as an FDA-approved medical device, our decision to refocus on cannabis will benefit our shareholders, as well as those impacted by the war who are seeking treatment from psychiatric and pain clinics. We are grateful to be in this position to help our country and its people."

In conclusion, BYND Cannasoft's strategic focus on utilizing its CRM platform to aid the growing medical cannabis sector in Israel, especially in light of recent healthcare challenges, exemplifies their commitment to contributing positively to both the industry and the nation.


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