Byers Scientific Announces New Business Structure and New Sustainable Industrial-Scale Odor Mitigation Solutions

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Byers Scientific & Manufacturing and Pacific Environmental Analytics have united together to become Byers Scientific (Byers).

Two industry-leading establishments, Byers Scientific & Manufacturing and Pacific Environmental Analytics, recently announced that they would be joining together under one roof. The new company launch is called Byers Scientific (Byers), and through this internal restructuring, Byers will continue to further expand their comprehensively data-driven odor mitigation solutions across numerous industries (1).

Byers Mitigation Technologies, previously Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, has played a prominent role as a designer, engineer, and manufacturer of equipment for the industrial odor management industry since 2014. Their patented dry vapor-phase odor mitigation systems have reportedly been indispensable to various industrial-scale facilities. Through their extensive approach, clients and customers are able to achieve regulatory compliance and effectively decrease energy and water consumption, thus helping the environment and paving the way for a more sustainable future.


The former Pacific Environmental Analytics, now Byers Emissions Analysis (BEA), was created in 2019. Its goal was to offer a different approach for assessing and managing commercial agriculture, as well as industrial emissions. Initiated by scientists Dr. Alex Guenther and Dr. William Vizuete, BEA engaged in pioneering gas-phase emissions testing and analysis to analyze the impact of cultivation, processing, and extraction on air quality using site-specific emissions modeling.

Byers newest company division is Byers Intelligent Systems. The technology they offer is accessible to other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to expand automation capabilities, gather critical data, improve equipment efficiencies, and grow revenue.

Through the combination of Byers Mitigation Technologies, Emissions Analysis, and Intelligent Systems, the company is better able to supply clients and customers to face today’s intricate odor and emissions challenges found throughout numerous industries. Byers uses data-driven mitigation and monitoring systems, as well as science to decrease liability connected with emissions and odor from commercial cannabis, solid waste, industrial- composting, and much more.