BioTherm Unveils Innovative Cultivation Solution: Upstart™

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Upstart™, a plug-and-play heating module, seamlessly connects to a hot water heater, powering root zone heating through Roll’N Grow® mat.

This technology offers efficient root zone heating to growing applications up to 500 sq.ft., providing growers with a convenient and energy-efficient solution to promote optimal plant growth in various climates. The Upstart™ was unveiled at MJBizCon 2023.

"We are excited to showcase our latest innovations at MJBizCon, demonstrating our commitment to advancing agricultural practices and empowering growers with state-of-the-art solutions," Jim Rearden, BioTherm President. "The DOS-X™, DGS-M™, C-Gen™, and Upstart™ products represent a significant leap forward in cultivation climate technologies, offering practical and efficient solutions to enhance crop yields and promote sustainable cultivation practices."

About BioTherm

Founded in 1980, BioTherm’s enhancements range from all kinds of heating and cooling systems to dissolved oxygen infusion for better irrigation, dehumidification systems and more, all of which optimize plant growth by enhancing the elements within the cultivation space. Knowledge and expertise have made BioTherm one of the most trusted sources for improving plant production. BioTherm’s innovations are proven to enhance cultivation operations by cutting costs and increasing plant yields.

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