Beginning Psychedelics Safely and Positively: A Panel Discussion at Cannabis Science Conference East 2022

In a presentation for the psychedelics track at Cannabis Science Conference East 2022, Janie Maedler, Vice President of Rylie’s Smile Foundation and President of Rylie’s Sunshine LLC, led a panel discussion with Rylie Maedler, President of Rylie’s Smile and CEO of Rylie’s Sunshine LLC; Rita Lynn Lawrence, a cannabis patient advocate; and University of Miami cannabis epidemiologist Dr. Denise Vidot. The presentation titled “Psychedelics for Beginners” discussed the basics of using psychedelics for treating mental health issues safely and successfully. Here are some highlights from the session.

On day two of the psychedelics track at Cannabis Science Conference East, Janie Maedler, Vice President of Rylie’s Smile Foundation, President of Rylie’s Sunshine LLC, and mother of three, led a panel discussion that provided a space to hear others’ stories for those new to psychedelics and also gave a presentation on harm reduction techniques. Maedler gave an overview of her family’s preparation, both physically and mentally, for psychedelics and then asked several questions of the panel such as:

  • How do you plan for a positive psychedelics experience?
  • What are some harm reduction techniques you use?

Each panelist told her own story of how she began her psychedelics journey, the research and planning done, who they sought for assistance, and their results and reflections. Dr. Denise Vidot explained her approach as a scientist and analyst; Rita Lynn Lawrence shared how she ensured a safe and positive first journey; and Rylie Maedler provided a pediatric perspective and explained the guidance given to her and her brother by their mother. One common theme in all three stories was how medical cannabis led them to psychedelics.

The overall takeaways from the presentation, Janie Maedler noted, were the goals of harm reduction—noting a helpful app on drug combinations and promoting at-home drug testing kits—and of reflection after each experience with psychedelics. One of the responses from the audience reaffirmed the importance continuously sharing and hearing each others’ stories, especially coming from those who are first in a field.

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