Artificial Intelligence in the Cannabis Industry: Changing the Customer Experience

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More cannabis companies are employing AI to save time and enhance user shopping experience.

Within the past year, some cannabis companies have been implementing AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics in areas such as joint rolling, assisting with obtaining licenses, testing drivers’ impairment, and verifying flowers’ maturity (1). In June 2023, a free cannabis education chatbot called Spark debuted with California cannabis company and app Jointly (1). Without suggesting dosing or specific products, the chatbot reportedly responds to users’ general questions about their intended cannabis goals by suggesting options as a first step in their experience (1).

“Spark will help guide consumers through the process of consuming cannabis purposefully, better than any chart or graph and analytics could,” said Jointly CEO David Kooi (1). “Someone can ask their personalized question, whereas in the app it’s very numerical driven. [The AI assistant] will give the consumer someone to talk to about it.”


In September of this year, Smokeland, a cannabis dispensary and delivery service with more than 30 delivery locations in California, announced their use of AI to assist its customers in their cannabis shopping experience (2). The new AI assistant will reportedly analyze users’ data such as browsing and purchasing history to make product recommendations (3).

“Our AI shopping assistant will be a significant step forward in delivering a truly personalized cannabis shopping experience,” said Jeff Dillon, Vice President of Marketing for Smokeland (2). “By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to make shopping more convenient and discreet for our customers, saving them time and empowering them to make informed decisions.”

The goal is for the AI assistant to learn users’ preferences for a more tailored shopping experience (3).

“Imagine an online shopping experience that not only takes the guesswork out of selecting your cannabis but also elevates your understanding and appreciation for it,” Dillon also stated (3). “That's where the cutting-edge AI technology we're developing comes into play. Cannabis shopping can be complex and intimidating, especially if you are consuming for medical needs.”


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