Amended Law in Ghana Allows for Cannabis Licenses Under Strict Conditions

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Though cannabis remains illegal for recreational purposes, cultivators can be issued licenses for producing fiber and seeds.

In mid-July 2023, the parliament of Ghana approved a bill, the Narcotics Control Commission (Amendment) Bill 2023, to amend previous cannabis legalization in Ghana under certain conditions (1). In recent years, cannabis had been legalized for medical and industrial purposes, yet oversight was placed with the country’s Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) (2). Part of that law was declared unconstitutional by the country’s Supreme Court because it did not include parliamentary debate (2).

With passage of this new amendment to the bill, the Minister of Interior is now authorized to distribute licenses to cultivate cannabis for possible medical and industrial purposes, with a THC limit of .3% (2). Cultivating cannabis for recreational purposes, even with a license, is still illegal (3). The new law did change the prison sentence for simple possession of drugs for recreational use into a fine, however (3).


“The government plans to harness cannabis' vast industrial potential, exploring its applications in fibre and controlled growth seed,” stated Victor Oluwole, Head and Editor at Business Insider Africa (1). “This progressive approach mirrors a broader trend in Africa, as several nations, including Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more, have taken the leap to legalise cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.”

“Despite the optimism surrounding this green revolution, experts emphasise the need to ensure inclusivity for all stakeholders, particularly smallholder farmers,” Oluwole added (1). “It is essential to prevent a situation where corporate giants dominate the industry, leaving ordinary producers struggling to compete.”

Several sources suggest that the new law can open up more opportunities for revival of the agriculture and textile industries in the country (1,2).


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