AirTrim Adjustable Energy Saving Venturi Reduces Energy Costs by up to 30%

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AirTrim, Inc., a leading manufacturer of trim waste removal systems for printing and labeling and inducers for recycling and material recovery facilities, introduces their extended range, patented, adjustable Energy Saving Venturi which may reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

The adjustment feature allows users to fine-tune the air flow to achieve the most efficient pneumatic handling of continuous waste. Adjusting the air flow to a site-specific application conserves power consumption. For systems with multiple pressure blowers, the use of an Energy Savings Venturi can reduce the number of blowers required. In addition to reduced energy usage, these proven Venturis convey material through the system without touching any moving parts, significantly reduce maintenance, with far less dust than cutter or chopper systems. Available in mild or stainless steel, in standard sizes from 3- to 8-inches in diameter, and Jumbo sizes from 10- to 18-inches in diameter. AirTrim Adjustable Energy Saving Venturis are ideal for paper, plastic, film, and foil converting applications, label matrix printing applications, as well as waste systems where the materials must remain intact such as the conveying of food, vegetables, milk cartons, paper bags, plastic bags, soda cans, and more.

Venturi systems can convey a continuous ribbon of material to a container, collection bin, compactor, or baler for removal or recycling. They are a simple and cost-effective solution for many trim removal applications. Standard sizes available from 3-8 inches in diameter, with jumbo sizes available from 10-18 inches in diameter. Custom Venturi designs can be developed for applications where a standard size is insufficient.

How it Works

In a Venturi/Inducer system a blower generates air pressure which is sent directly to the Venturi where it is forced to make a 90-degree turn and flow through an “escape gap.” At this point, the air is moving at such a high rate of speed that suction is created on the intake (negative side) of the system where the trim is collected. After moving through the Venturi, the air pushes the uncut waste trim (positive side) to the desired location or receptacle. The trim is pulled into the intake at the press or machine side and travels straight through the venturi to the designated location without touching any moving parts. Because waste trim stays as is, with no chopping or granulating, system maintenance costs are very low. These field proven systems provide years of low maintenance service with low operating costs. Venturi/Inducer systems efficiently and cleanly process a continuous flow of waste trim to the collection area, making them ideal for use with balers or compactors. The patented design of the AirTrim Energy Saving Venturi includes an adjustable gap which allows the airflow to be optimized for the most energy efficient configuration.

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