Advancements in Therapeutic Psychedelics with Dr. Aimon Kopera

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In this onsite interview, Dr. Aimon Kopera shares her insights on psychedelics in traditional and modern uses, what it’s like being a woman in the psychedelics field, and takeaways from her presentation at Cannabis Science Conference Fall 2023.

Dr. Aimon Kopera, founder of Exploratory Medicine, is a renowned physician and mystic with 30 years of experience in consciousness and health transformation. She is also an advocate in genomics, cannabinoids, nootropics, and natural psychotropic medicine. Her work with Exploratory Medicine encompasses education and training, product research and formulation, and government advocacy and advisory roles across the globe.

Dr. Kopera presented “Psychedelic Asia: Integrating Ancient Asian Wisdom and Modern Science in The Mind Medicine” on September 22nd 2023 in the Psychedelics Track at the Cannabis Science Conference Fall.


Read a partial summary of the interview below:

What advancements are you witnessing with psychedelics?

Dr. Aimon Kopera: Thailand is the first Asian country that legalized medical cannabis. And now it's rescheduling psychedelics medicine. So when we legalized cannabis, that is medicine, not for recreational, and now we are starting to draft the protocol of how we’re going to reschedule psychedelic medicine used in our healthcare system.

We have a project that we initiated, we’re going to work with prisoners in jail. And we look at when they're ready to go back to society, how the society can support them, so that they won’t return to jail again. So we’re looking at psychedelic assisted therapies for these populations so that then they go out to society, they can be productive, they can be a good citizen, they won’t repeat what they do. So we look at the whole ecosystem and how we can use that and we can build the skill set that they can go back to society and become a good citizen. So that’s another advancement; rather than just curing the disease, we prevent it, prevent the repeat of the disease.