A New Book on the Formulation of Topical Cosmetics

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A new book on the formulation on topical cosmetics and pharmaceutical with CBD as an active agent.

CITA International, LLC an America manufacture and packaging company has release a 256 page book titled: Cannabis in Beauty & Drug Preparations (ISBN 978-093742500-8). The book is compiled and edited by Esam M. Morsy, the head chemist and founder of the company.

This book is written for chemist, formulations and scientists in the cosmetics in pharmaceutical industries who use CBD and other natural ingredients in their products. The book is divided into three major sections with references, and a comprehensive index.

  • Section I Cannabis CBD composition, Cannabinoids, Chemistry and Therapeutic properties.
  • Section II Cannabis CBD in cosmetics and drugs: Ingredients and formulation chemistry.
  • Section III Cannabis CBD in cosmetics and drug formulations.

The book is designed to be educational for chemists, both novice and experienced. It is loaded with information on Cannabidiol (CBD); Composition, Methods of Extraction, how to incorporate into topical formulations and the properties of CBD topical preparations. Special sections on raw materials, formulation techniques, testing products for efficacy and stability are also covered. Ingredients from purified water, botanical extracts, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, polymers, surfactants, alpha hydroxy acids are but some of the ingredients discussed in details. The book answers questions such as: how to formulate creams, lotions, gels, ointments, serums with CBD? How to formulate topical products with particular characteristics in mind.

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