4Front Unveils New Cannabis Flower Brand Called The Hunt

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4Front announced The Hunt, a new cannabis flower brand in Massachusetts.

In a recent press release (1), 4Front Ventures Corp. (4Front) unveiled their new brand portfolio cannabis offering called The Hunt. The multi-state operator (MSO) is growing their cannabis outreach in Massachusetts. The Hunt will be able to offer consumers “rare, limited, and small-batch phenotypes” (1) at 4Front’s Mission Dispensaries located in Brookline, Georgetown, and Worchester, Massachusetts. Products will also be obtainable at partner dispensaries throughout the Bay State (1). The Hunt’s strain drops will be accessible only for as long as supplies last (1). In the first quarter of 2024, The Hunt hopes to provide new items to cannabis users in Illinios (1).

"The Hunt pays homage to legacy genetics, delivering a premium consumer experience," Andrew Thut mentioned, 4Front Chief Investment Officer (1). "As the Massachusetts cannabis market continues to mature, consumers have become more discerning, and the cultivators at our Holliston facility have been keeping their ear to the soil. Our team has sifted through countless seeds and clones to isolate the best of the best traits in order to craft The Hunt's ever-changing and unfolding strain lineup. Simple and sleek, The Hunt is made up of only small-batch phenotypes, delivering the top-tier quality at an affordable price point."


In the company's press release, The Hunt disclosed some of their upcoming strain offerings (1), “indica dominant strains such as Mandarin Zkittles #4, Mandarin Zkittles #7, Mandarin Zkittles #10, Planet Sherb and Plasma Gas, as well as sativa dominant strains such as Crazey Hazey #5, Crazey Hazey #8, Killer Bees #1, and Killer Bees #6.”

"Over the past quarter we continued to strengthen our presence in Massachusetts, introducing various premium flower offerings in the state. With this latest launch, we are confident that The Hunt is well on its way to becoming synonymous with the top-notch quality consumers have come to expect from our brands, and we remain committed to delivering innovative cannabis brands and products at competitive prices in the state. As we look toward the new year, we are excited to continue broadening our product offerings across our footprint with more innovative launches and quality upgrades, in addition to introducing The Hunt to Illinois consumers early next year,” Thut explained (1).

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