May/June 2024

Cannabis Science and Technology May/June 2024 Interactive Digital Edition

July 12, 2024

Digital Edition

View our interactive May/June 2024 digital edition.

HLVd: The Menace to Cannabis Crops

July 10, 2024

The Cultivation Classroom

In continuation of our cultivation education series, Adam Jacques and Zacariah L. Hildenbrand, get to the root of the issue of experiencing an HLVd infestation and if anything can be done to salvage your crops.

Cannabinoid Ethers: Identification, Binding Interactions, and their ADME Properties

June 28, 2024

Peer-Reviewed Article

This review highlights an in-silico assessment of the binding interactions of pro-drug moiety analogs and an importance in identifying potential issues that would need further testing to ensure safety for consumers such as the hERG values which are pertinent in the pharmaceutical fields in whether or not drugs can be safe to use.