July/August 2021

Integrated Pest Management for Cannabis Cultivation Monitoring, Identifying, Preventing, and Controlling Pests with HVAC Solutions

August 12, 2021

The Cultivation Classroom

Learn about the four major steps of integrated pest management (IPM) programs: setting action thresholds; monitoring and identification, prevention, and control; the various control methodologies; and how climate control systems both enable indoor cannabis cultivation and can manage pests like mold and mildew.

The Separation of Several Minor Cannabinoids via Chiral HPLC

August 10, 2021

Peer-Reviewed Article

This technical piece is focused on the separation of the individual enantiomers of each compound mentioned above, as well as the combined separation of the compounds from each other for a fast, reliable quantification.

The Future of Nutrient Monitoring: How Plant Sap Analysis Can Help You Cultivate Healthier Plants for Less

August 10, 2021


Here we explore how extracting and analyzing plant sap can help growers make real-time decisions that lower their production costs and improve crop quality.