January/February 2020

Dr. Sue Sisley: Advocating for Medical Cannabis Research, Patients, and Reform

February 04, 2020

Dr. Sue Sisley has been pioneering research in the U.S. cannabis industry and fighting for quality cannabis samples to conduct her clinical trials. We recently spoke to her about the challenges she’s faced, what’s ahead for her future research, and more.

Vapes: What Are You Actually Inhaling?

February 03, 2020

A review of a study on vapes found four major factors related to the production of vape cartridges that warrant additional attention: cutting agents, temperature, flavoring, and hardware and heavy metals.

How the Cannabis Industry Can Benefit from Leveraging Pharmaceutical Resources

February 03, 2020

Currently in the cannabis industry, the standards and benchmarks for drug delivery, analytics and testing, consumer reporting, and packaging are basic in nature with substantial room for more sophistication and technology. Here’s how it can be improved.

Ask the Experts: Cultivation

February 03, 2020

Leading cultivators and researchers from the cannabis industry participate in this round-table discussion

Talking Extraction: Continuous-Flow Extraction, Quality Control, Challenges, and More

January 30, 2020

Dr. Steven Splinter, Radient Technologies, Inc., discusses his role in extraction and manufacturing in Canada.