September/October 2018

Cannabis Uncertainty

September 24, 2018

This article is intended to spark conversations about measurement uncertainty that lead to the recognition and application of effective uncertainty budgets in the cannabis arena.

Selecting Microwave Digestion Technology for Measuring Heavy Metals in Cannabis Products

September 21, 2018

A look at the the basic principles of the major types of microwave digestion technology as well as suggestions as to which might be the best approach based on sample matrix, digestion efficiency, sample throughput, productivity, and overall cost of analysis.

A Queen’s Rise: How Priscilla Vilchis Became Cannabis Industry Royalty

September 04, 2018

Priscilla Vilchis, owner and CEO of Premium Produce, was the first licensed female minority in L.A. County, California, and the youngest female minority to be licensed in Nevada. She recently spoke to us about her experience in the cannabis industry, advice for newcomers, and more.