April 2022

Beer’s Law, Part II: Physical Basis and Derivation

April 06, 2022

Cannabis Analysis

In part II of this series, we establish the physical basis of Beer’s Law and derive it from first principles then wrap up with a discussion of how the assumptions made in the derivation affect Beer’s Law experiments.

How Poor Environmental Control Creates Pest Pressure

April 05, 2022


How can we address the pest problems created in commercial cannabis cultivation facilities when environmental control systems are improperly designed or implemented?

Cannabis Science Conference Honors the Wisdom of Women

March 08, 2022

Cannabis Crossroads

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the talented female experts that will be presenting at the upcoming 2022 Cannabis Science Conference West on May 18-20 in Long Beach, California.

Why All Legalized U.S. Jurisdictions Should (and Probably Will) Adopt the International Intoxicating Cannabis Product Symbol (IICPS)

November 04, 2021


Working with Doctors for Cannabis Regulation and other stakeholders, David L. Nathan, MD, proposed the Universal Cannabis Product Symbol (UCPS) in 2019. After its publication in 2020, a broad discussion with various stakeholders led to a series of changes to the UCPS. Working with the standards organization ASTM, the authors of this paper co-designed a modified version of the UCPS, which was renamed the International Intoxicating Cannabis Product Symbol (IICPS). This article presents the IICPS and next steps for the industry to start implementing its use.