Resource Innovation Institute Publishes Best Practices Guides for Cannabis Cultivators

January 3, 2020

The Resource Innovation Institute (RII) recently published its Best Practices Guides on LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation and Controlled Environment Agriculture and HVAC for Cannabis Cultivation & Controlled Environment Agriculture (1). The guides were developed by RII’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) (2), which consists of leading cultivation, engineering, technology, and energy efficiency experts from more than 20 organizations specializing in lighting and HVAC. Members were carefully selected by RII based on depth of knowledge, proven track record in energy conservation, and level of influence in the industry.

According to RII, the aim of the guides is to increase efficiency throughout the cultivation industry, which will yield environmental benefits and cut costs for growers. The guides are relevant to any grow environment using lighting or HVAC systems during any stage of cultivation.

“Cannabis cultivation only recently emerged from the shadows and, generally, wisdom about operational practices has been closely guarded. Now as the industry matures and cost pressures are universal, nearly everyone is realizing it’s in their own best interest to share best practices. We have an immense opportunity as an industry to raise the bar on performance, compete on quality, reduce environmental impacts and continue to improve our reputation as a responsible economic contributor,” said Derek Smith, Executive Director, Resource Innovation Institute.

“Resource Innovation Institute’s role is to facilitate collaboration and peer review through our Technical Advisory Council (TAC). Developing best practices with a focus on efficient resource consumption is a given in any sector, and a crucial part of ensuring that the cannabis industry’s environmental footprint is kept as small as possible, while enabling cultivators to collectively thrive,” said Smith.

Best Practices on LED Lighting for Cannabis Cultivation & Controlled Environment Agriculture helps cultivators develop expertise on:

  • Speaking the language of horticultural lighting
  • Reviewing manufacturer’s documentation to evaluate purchasing options
  • Understanding crucial considerations when selecting LED lighting
  • Installing and operating successful LED lighting solutions in alignment with any given business model

Best Practices on HVAC for Cannabis Cultivation & Controlled Environment Agriculture covers:

  • Energy and power
  • Environmental conditions
  • General HVAC
  • Energy efficiency
  • Construction
  • Cultivation key performance indicators (KPIs)

The RII Best Practices Guides can be downloaded at