Cannabis Cultivation is More Math than Science: The Role of Data in A Successful Grow Operation

April 7, 2020
Abstract / Synopsis: 

The key to being successful in cannabis cultivation is a numbers game—it’s about percentages and squeezing an extra 2–5% out of everything you do in your grow. So it’s about math, not just science. Cannabis cultivation management platforms are designed to track that data for you and make recommendations based on intelligence and logic discerned from the numbers. Here’s how they work and why accurate data is critical within each function of the operation.

The key to being successful in cannabis cultivation is a numbers game—it’s about percentages, and squeezing an extra 2%, 3%, or 5% out of everything you do in your grow. So, contrary to traditional agricultural thinking, it’s not just about science: It’s about math.

For example, say your grow plans to harvest 30,000 plants. What if you could increase the average grams per plant by just 1 g? That could translate to an additional $360,000 in retail sales based on nearly zero additional cost. When you don’t maximize your yields, you leave money on the table.

Whether your operation is indoor or outdoor, small or large, simple or complex, investing in a cannabis cultivation management system (CCMS) will increase your success exponentially. These platforms are designed to track data on even the most minute aspects of your grow. Using this data, a CCMS makes recommendations based on intelligence and logic that will help you operate a more successful and financially stable cultivation program.

Cannabis customers can be demanding and fickle in this nascent industry. Wholesalers seem to want it all—they want what they want when they want it, in a wide range of strains, with quality and consistency. At the same time, cultivators are often juggling multiple strains at multiple stages of growth, each exposed to different growing conditions (soil, light, nutrients, temperature), which means a grow manager is tasked with tracking a whole bunch of data, and tracking all of the operation’s employees on top of that.

Whiteboards and logbooks are the old-school method of tracking this information, especially among those who were growing plants long before it was legal. But it’s virtually impossible to track all the different data points manually, not to mention the monumental task of assessing the data and understanding its results and implications. Factor in the potential for human error and your grow could see dollars circling the drain.

A cultivation management platform designed specifically for cannabis that provides real-time grow analytics will give you the power to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase your yields and profits. It’s time to trade in those whiteboards for a dashboard.